Monday, November 11, 2013

FB Smileys : Codes, Symbols and Emoticons

FB smileys are one of the best ways to express your mood to the person you are chatting or the post you are commenting upon. Facebook already offers a whole lot of Facebook emoticons for you to show you mood. However you must know FB codes of these symbols to type fast in chats without clicking and finding appropriate smiley. In fact you must know the chat codes of all smileys that you use frequently. It helps you a lot and saves your time as well ;)

For those who still don't know how to type Facebook codes in chat read this : 

How to Type a Smiley Face on Facebook

Those who already know check out these cool links which will give you a lot of symbols and chat codes on our website =D 

Hopefully these links will give a lot of good and new Facebook smileys beside regular ones. If you do know the code of any new facebook smiley, comment with the code.