Friday, February 8, 2013

How to type a smiley face on Facebook

Typing a smiley facebook is very easy. Facebook chat emoticons are those things which are normally used to describe your mood or reaction to your friends talk. Suppose you are angry on what your friend just said, so you can make an angry smiley showing him that you are angry.

You can type a smiley face in facebook chat by simply typing it's code. Codes are small numbers and alphabets which you can directly type in your facebook chat and they will convert into smileys upon hitting enter.

Facebook also provides a list of smileys and chat icons to use in the chat. You can use directly from facebook chat and you don't need codes for those smileys. Look at the pic below.

facebook chat smileys
However, here is the list of common facebook chat smileys which you can use. Just type in the code which is written in front of the smileys.

Facebook chat icons
There are many more new codes for facebook smileys which you can use to amaze your friends. These are completely new and totally different.Here is the list from where you can get :-

1. New FB Chat Emoticons and Symbols
2. Facebook Chat Text Symbols Icon
3. New FB Chat Smileys

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