Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to make Faces on Facebook with Keyboard

Few people are searching for how to make faces on facebook with keyboard. You can make smileys on fb in your status, in comments and in the facebook chat. In all 3, making faces, smileys and symbols is same. You need the facebook code for faces that you want to type from your keyboard.

Below I am going to give you a list of all the faces that you can make with your keyboard on facebook. You can make faces on facebook status, facebook comments and in facebook chat.

Type in the symbols from the keyboard and hit enter. Suppose you want to show smile face on a facebook status or chat then you have to type :-) from keyboard and hit enter. Similarly you can see all the codes for different smileys and faces.

There are multiple codes for many smileys or say faces, You can type any one of them and it will turn into the shown face.

Enjoy making faces with keyboard. If you have still any doubt, feel free to comment.

:-) :) :] =)
:-( :( :[ =(
:-P :P :-p :p =P
:-D :D =D
:-O :O :-o :o
;-) ;)
8-) 8) B-) B)
8-| 8| B-| B|
>:( >:-(

:/ :-/ :\ :-\
3:) 3:-)
O:) O:-)
:-* :*
o.O O.o
>:O >:-O >:o >:-o
 curly lips
 Chris Putnam

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